Photo: orange flowers by Masaaki Komori, licensed under Unsplash License.

Life has its own flow. It’s unpredictable and unapologetic, despite our plans and wishes. Anyone who has experienced enough will agree that bad things can happen at any time.

We don’t have control over many events that unfold around us. One moment everything feels great, the next, chaos ensues. Life certainly never asked me if its timing was right.

Interestingly enough, even though many situations aren’t in our control, our reaction and perception are still in our hands. I believe the bigger the challenge life presented to me, the greater the opportunity was to learn more about myself. Even though some of these lessons took time to understand, and some came at a price I still deem too high.

Yet, these experiences helped mold me into what I am. Recognizing that unpredictable events are part of my journey, and that I get better at handling these situations over time is what brings me peace during life’s bad turns.

In the end, bad turns are common occurrences in our lives, so I better keep learning my lessons.